A More Personalized Service

What’s different about LBF Flowers? As a private floral design service, with an abundance of experience, I specialize in providing classic & contemporary visually striking floral arrangements for New York’s best-looking corporate and residential spaces. All flowers and plants are hand-selected daily from a variety of specialty importers and growers. The flowers are impeccably fresh, never selected from storage. The blooms are then personally delivered, designed and arranged in situ where the aesthetic of the space becomes the inspiration for each bouquet. This way, I get to know your home, your space, your taste and your preferences. Similar to having a personal chef, I create a customized look for the space. It will, and should look like the florist understood you and connected to your style. For both residential and corporate clients, it is important to return every few days to provide check-ups and maintenance to insure floral and plant freshness. This special care is an integral part of the service I provide and it definitely makes a difference.

The Flowers

I prefer to design with mostly Dutch varieties and blooms that are uncommon and unusual but I also seek out the best in season from local farms and growers. I seek floral blooms of exceptional quality that are also hearty for lasting beauty and longevity.

Today, there is a new look to floral arrangements. Contemporary floral arrangements are now more linear, structured and streamlined. It is an exciting time in floral design, as old rules are broken and new visual compositions embrace the spirit of modernism. Flowers, more structurally arranged, emerge almost as sculptural forms complimenting the new modern interior.   LBF Flowers honors all the traditional styles too; sumptuous bouquets of blooms and vines tumbling out of classical garden urns.

Perhaps you just want the very best blooms, orchids, bulb plants, seasonal branches or flowering plants (these I seek and hand-choose) tastefully arranged in your vases and cachepots. I also source distinctive vases and containers that complement the décor. Now, more than ever, bringing Nature inside is so important to enliven our homes and interior spaces, to vitalize our spirits…

Events, Parties, Special Occasions

Designing for at-home dinner parties (a specialty of mine), designs for festive holidays, social and special events, intimate weddings in ballrooms or unique venues, celebrations and soirees of every kind and type… whether you prefer simple and minimalist or something with more fanfare and flourish, I will work closely with you to create the look that will be sophisticated, stylish and distinct.

Lisa B. Fiel

   Distinctive Floral Arrangements

For Exceptional Homes and Corporate Spaces